Below are the sessions we expect to have at the 2019 Lions Learning Forum

Caterpillars into Butterflies – Nurturing Leadership from within

Leadership, whether at the project level, club level or beyond, is essential to having an effective team.  This session is designed to help clubs encourage, support and develop leadership from within.

New Members or Meaningful Projects... which comes first?

The main reason individuals join Lions is to help others in need.  Having service projects to engage new member is important, but without new members how do we start new projects?  This session will explore methods and strategies to start the process of club growth through greater community service.

New Member Orientation – The importance of onboarding new members

Learn about an effective model of orientation and discuss how you can enhance your club's plan for onboarding new members.

Member Recognition with Pizzaz!

Spectacular member recognition is within every club's reach!  Learn strategies and ideas on how to celebrate member accomplishments simply, but with style.

Women Lions Leaders Panel

Hear from women Lions who have taken on leadership roles and thrived. In the year when Lions has its first female International President, this panel can help inspire all Lions to feel even more confident to lead.

More hands equals more service – Successful Membership Strategies

Bringing in new Lions is essential to our future in meeting the needs of our community.  Hear from Lions who have had great success in helping bring many new members to Lionism.

Lions Missions - A world of service

Many Lions focus their service within their community, but Lions serve worldwide.  Here from local Lions who have expanded their service through Lions Missions across the world.

Vision Screening Lessons from the field

District G has taken on Vision Screening as a multiple zone project.  Hear and discuss our Vision Screening efforts and learn how you can be part of it.

Club Service Chairperson - A new role with a powerful opportunity to serve

The role and responsibilities of Club Service Chair and the positive difference they can make will be explored. We will discuss the benefits to the club, the tools available for the Service Chair and the importance of reporting service activities.

Rap Session for Club Treasurer

Calling all treasurers!  If you are a treasurer, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's treasurer does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Rap Session for Secretaries

Calling all secretaries!  If you are a secretary, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's secretary does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Rap Session for Club Presidents

Calling all club presidents!  If you are a club president, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's president does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Your Foundation is worldwide and empowers our service.  This is a session geared for all Lions, but it will be especially helpful for club level LCIF Coordinators.

Lions Vision Efforts - NW Lions Foundation, LERC and LeaderDogs

Participants will learn all about these important Lions efforts to support our Vision Efforts.

Don't go it alone... New officer training supports for success

Discuss, explore and learn about the help and resources that are available for all new Lion leaders.

Planning your next Environment Service Project, from bright idea to story-telling afterward. 

Use a Lions Project Planning tool, survey your community needs, learn about existing Lion projects, and get busy!

Project Management - Start to finish

Learn from a professional project manager on how to effectively organize, lead and complete Lions projects.

Childhood Cancer Service Project

Childhood cancer is one of the newest global service focus areas for Lions.  This session will help participants engage in an actual service project as well as learn about many example project ideas for clubs to consider starting.

Digital tools for Lions

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from Lions who are leaders in using all the digital tools available to us as Lions.

Lions Journey

Lions Journey is a comprehensive program to help new Lions get a great start in Lionism. This program is a framework to help a new member take concrete steps on the road to becoming a Lion.

What’s your Brand

Is your club a check-writing club or a service club, or something in between? We will explore the marketing options and focus on the needs of those clubs. This session will also give the time for discussion on who and how to recruit members for each type of club.