Below were the sessions scheduled for the 2020 Lions Learning Forum

Our Planning Committee has been working hard to finalize the 2020 Lions Learning Forum seminars.  The following are the sessions that have been chosen for this year's Forum.  Once you looked them over, please be sure to click on the registration link in the above menu to register.  The day of the Forum you will be free to choose whatever session you would like to attend, but your advanced registration with your top five topics will help us provide the best learning experience possible.

Diabetes – How much do you know about this epidemic?

Lions are taking on Diabetes as a primary focus of service.  Learn more about this worldwide epidemic and what Lions are doing about it.

Mental Health and Lions.

Our mental health needs as much attention as our physical health, especially as volunteers with multiple priorities. Join Lion Anne to learn ideas to enhance your mental and emotional health.

The importance of onboarding new members.

Learn about an effective model to on-board new members and how it will help your club grow.

More hands equal more service – Using Recruiting Wheels for Membership Growth

Serving our communities is what sets Lions apart. Promoting your service means you will reach those who need your service and maybe service minded individuals who might just become a member.

Vision Screening Lessons from the field!

District G has taken on Vision Screening as a multiple zone project.  Hear and discuss our Vision Screening efforts and learn how you can be part of it. This session will also be a training opportunity to use the digital screeners so you can feel confident in signing up for being on a Vision Screening Team.

Rap Session for Treasurers

Calling all treasurers!  If you are a treasurer, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's treasurer does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Rap Session for Secretaries.

Calling all secretaries!  If you are a secretary, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's secretary does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Rap Session for Presidents.

Calling all club presidents!  If you are a club president, are interested in becoming one, or just want to know what your club's president does to help your club, this is the seminar for you.

Lions Club International Foundation – Your Lions Foundation.

Your Foundation is worldwide and empowers our service.  This is a session geared for all Lions, but it will be especially helpful for club level LCIF Coordinators.

Moving Past Your Fears of Rejection!

Interested in starting a new club?  Learn how the how-to's of the process to get the energy within a community to start a new club.  Hear from Lions who have done just that so you too can get past the doubts, fears and unknowns of starting a new Lions club.

Grant Writing 101.

Want to learn how to write grants to fund your service projects?  Come and learn from an experienced grant writer on the best way to get grant funds.

Project Management - Start to finish

Learn from a professional project manager on how to effectively organize, lead and complete Lions projects.

Energize your Club with New Hands-On Projects.

If you are looking for a way to energize your club and/or attract new members through hands-on service projects, this is the session for you.  Come and learn from an experienced panel on new hands-on service projects clubs in the district are having success at and take it back to your club.

How to Harness the Power of Video to Empower your Club.

This session will teach you how to create simple, yet powerful videos to promote your club.  Bring your smart phone and prepare to be amazed in how simple it really is to become a movie maker.

There is no “I” in Team – Learn how to transform individuals into a group for service.

Learn the tips and tricks on how to develop an effective group for service.  We encourage all who participate in this session to bring a fellow club member with you so you can try out what you learn in class.

Does your Club need some Pep? – Learn how to turn “Tail Twisting” into “Tail Wagging”.

Come an learn from an experienced Tail Twister on way every club can have more fun, be more engaged, and garner a greater sense of belonging through having a strong Tail Twister.

Is your club prepared to react in case of a Community Emergency?

We all hope disasters or emergencies will not happen in our communities.  Fires, floods, tornados, etc. are happening more and more.  This session will give you both a basic background on how your club can prepare in advance by sharing real stories of disasters and emergencies where Lions Clubs have stepped in to help in times of need.

Does your community have a homeless student crisis?

Youth are being impacted more and more by homelessness in virtually all communities. Come learn from a panel of Lions who have stepped up to meet this need in their communities by leading or being part of a coalition of community partners to meet this challenge.

Ever heard of something called MD-19? What is it and how does it help me as a Lions?

Come and learn everything you ever wanted to know about MD-19 from Council Chair JD Nellor.  You’ll be amazed how MD-19 can help your club.

Calling all new Lions!

Are you new to Lions?  Then this is the session for you!  This will new member round table will be an opportunity to share and learn from each other about Lions, your role in the future of Lions and how you can expand your Lionism.