Where will the Lions Learning Forum be held?

As with last year, it will be at the Cascadia Technical Academy (12200 NE 28th St. Vancouver, WA 98682

Is there a cost to attend the Forum?

No.  The Lions Learning Forum is FREE to all Lions.  Registration is required so we can plan appropriately.

Who covers the cost of putting on the Forum?

We apply for grants as well as seek support from local Lions clubs.  Additionally, we hold it at a location that does not have facility costs and keeps our food costs very reasonable.

Am I required to attend the sessions I checked during registration?

No. We ask for you to select five different session topics so we can determine which topics are of the greatest interest.  This way we can plan better by placing the highest interest topics in the largest rooms or schedule repeat sessions.

How many years has the Lions Learning Forum been operating?

Our first Lions Learning Forum was in 2013.  We repeated in 2014 and 2015.  Then we took a couple of years off and then started back up in 2018 because Lions were asking for it to start up again. So this year will be our fifth year of operation.